CvSU Research Grant

㽶Ƶ۰ State University (CvSU) supports the research and development activities of faculty members through the CvSU Research Grant. The grant is intended to bolster the research capacity through procuring/upgrading equipment, supplies (e.g. glassware, chemicals, media, among others), software and other requirements which in the long run will build the current faculty strengths and establish the reputation of the laboratories/research centers. Researches that are in line with the institutional, regional, national and global thrusts are encouraged. These include creative works or scientific queries that are curiosity-driven (involving basic research), problem-based (applied research) or investigations along the interface of traditional disciplines. Proposals with innovative and creative approaches in addressing the research problem/subject under study and of multidisciplinary and collaborative nature shall be given high priority. Overall, this aims to support scholarly pursuits, nurture creativity and innovation and promote a research culture in the University. Eventually, it is envisioned that through the CvSU Research Grant, the University’s research performance shall soar through increased publication and patent certification. The knowledge created and the technology developed shall eventually be cascaded to the community, consistent with the aspirations of becoming a global University in the near future.

CvSU Faculty and Student Research Capability Enhancement Fund

㽶Ƶ۰ State University (CvSU) grants funding for student researches such as undergraduate thesis, design projects, case studies and other researches of a similar nature that are parts of a faculty member’s approved research project. As with the CvSU Research Grant, it is intended to strengthen the research capability of the faculty members and both local and international students. Similarly, these researches should be in line with the institutional, regional, national and global thrusts and must be approved by the thesis advisory committee of the respective college/campus.

 Publication Incentive

Publication incentives, financial support and recognition awards shall be granted to the faculty researchers and staff whose papers were published in peer-reviewed journals provided that:

  1. the faculty researchers and staff have plantilla positions in the University or employed as contractual.
  2. the papers were published in institutional, regional, national or international refereed journal recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and /or Scopus or ISI (Web of Science ). This web helps people with researches and indexed journals. In case, the journal is not yet indexed, the reputation of the publisher (i.e. quality of journal, publishing university, impact factor etc.) shall be used as indicator of quality. Papers published in proceedings and journals of questionable integrity are excluded in the giving of incentives.
  3. the papers must be aligned with the thrusts and priorities of the University, namely Agri-fisheries and Food Security; Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation; Smart Engineering, ICT and Industrial Competitiveness; Societal Development and Equality and Public Health and Welfare.
  4. the faculty researchers and staff have not received any cash incentive from other institution for publishing their researches.
  5. the research is either internally/externally funded or thesis/dissertation/research requirement of faculty or staff. In case of thesis/dissertation and research paper requirement in a course, the 㽶Ƶ۰ State University should be listed as an affiliation of the author.