In its first bid in the 2024 World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI), 㽶Ƶ۰ State University (CvSU) ranked among the top 100 universities in two categories.

For 2024 WURI, CvSU landed in the 25th spot in Culture/Values and 32nd in Crisis 㽶Ƶ۰ among the top 100 universities from 1,072 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) evaluated around the world.

A ranking system of the Organizing Committee of the Hanseatic League of Universities and one of the three recognized systems for HEI internationalization of the Commission on Higher Education, WURI assesses the industry and societal contributions of HEIs worldwide using 13 categories encompassing innovation targets and methods.

In its website, it says that the ranking “aims to spotlight higher education institutions that excel in these innovative approaches, thereby inspiring advancements across the academic and societal landscape.”

The full results of the WURI 2024 rankings can be accessed here: https://www.wuri.world/wuri-ranking-2024